Year Two: 

New grand total of 527 books donated to prisoners.

These prisoner donation requests made fillable by our righteous and good looking supporters.

So most people don’t know that tabletop / conversational games are huge in prison. Anybody who’s volunteered at their local books to prisoners workspace knows one of the most requested items are game manuals. It makes sense if you think on it: it’s something inherently pro-social and creatively fulfilling in a place lacking electronic entertainment.

       The only problem is most games are contraband – hardcover, contain maps, require dice – and run material that can put a target on your back. We started Bull Press to tackle this neglected corner of the hobby. We now get donation requests from prisoners across race, gender, background, security level, from every region of the US and even other countries.

      Our do-gooder mission isn’t a gimmick we’re hoping to coast on though: if you try one of our games, we’re confident it will land in your top 3 of all time.