Are you on social? No, never. We’re just old enough to remember life before everybody was atomized and unhappy and had internet poisoning, living through ig and parasocial relationships with internet celebrities. Things were definitely better before, when our real world cultural spaces were full of people, so we’ve all logged off to do our part. If you’re just asking because you wanna chat, email us (whatup at bullpress dot org) or track us down in the real world — we’re pretty easy to find.

Is St. Disma a real saint? It’s the old-fashioned French form of Saint Dismas, the good thief.

Why not charge money? We think broke people need the togetherness and good times of conversational games more than anybody. We have only ever been tempted to charge to bust up the notion “ah since it’s free it must be low effort / bad”.

Did you bite that one 2019 game when you were making Illadelph? No, Illadelph goes back to before 2018 (proof in red). It was based off a game one of us ran about a bizarre, genre-mashing version of their city starting in 2008.

What’s up with [game mechanic]? It’s probably less stupid than you think. Maybe. We have a whole page on our design rationale and principles here.