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Free does not mean low-effort: we put 1000s of collective hours into these games. They are free because we are idealists. Click each cover below for a PDF. All Bull Press games A. conform to all published US prison contraband code, and B. contain no juvenile material that could put a target on an inmate’s back.

DomepieceTV: a system for longform games. Newjack friendly with opt-in complexity. Each book contains everything needed to play . . .

Main character sheets (plenty included in each physical copy): Original Style / Ink Saver Style

Stirring Giant: a grimy near-future arc tracking down a mass murderer through the extravagant halls of the neo-aristocracy and the cutty atmosphere of Kowloon-like slums. Neo-noir with cybernetics and psionics.
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Illadelph: a game distilled from 90s hip hop, set in a parallel Philadelphia laced with powers, mutants, strange creatures, and mythical beings. Short and sweet: designed to introduce newjacks to the hobby.
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Corpse Thieves: a wuxia / kung fu / mystery arc set in mythology-heavy Qing era China. Unwind a bizarre series of graverobbings, scrap with supernatural wigsplitters, bust open esoteric conspiracies.
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Laced: an ultralight system for single-session games. Ideal for introing new people to the hobby, filling the odd session,
or testing the chemistry of a new group before you commit to anything longform . . .

Malice at the Palace: a kung fu & wuxia game battling through a palace complex to close a dimensional gateway.

Universal Side / Key Narrator Side

Hounds of Order: a game retaking a stronghold seized by separatist sohei warrior monks. Winter 2023 (early release currently on Patreon).
War Under Crossbay: a bloodbath in the utility tunnels, massive surge tanks, and catacombs beneath the city. Spring 2024.
Tomb of the Hemlock Eaters: play 17th century Ethiopian alchemists recovering an artifact too dangerous for human hands. Summer 2024.

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