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Click each cover below for a PDF. All Bull Press books A. are designed specifically for first-timers brand new to the hobby, B. conform to all published US prison contraband code, and C. contain no juvenile material that will put a target on anybody’s back.

Illadelph: set in an alternate timeline’s Philadelphia circa 1994. Mutants, powers, strange creatures etc. Breezy tone and lots of dumb jokes.
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Corpse Thieves: a wuxia / kung fu / mystery arc set in mythology-heavy Qing era China.
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Stirring Giant: a grimy near-future arc. A little longer and more complex than our other books, but still easy for a newjack to run.
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Main character sheets: where you record your main character, their powers etc. Plenty included with each physical copy, but for your convenience: Original Style // Ink Saver Style

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