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Free does not mean low-effort: we put 1000s of collective hours into these games. They are free because we are idealists. All Bull Press games A. conform to all published US prison contraband code, and B. contain no juvenile material that could put a target on an inmate’s back.

DomepieceTV: a system for longform games. Newjack friendly with opt-in complexity. Each book contains everything needed to play . . .

Main character sheets (plenty included in each physical copy): Original Style / Ink Saver Style

Stirring Giant: a grimy near-future arc tracking down a mass murderer through the extravagant halls of the neo-aristocracy and the cutty atmosphere of Kowloon-like slums. Neo-noir with cybernetics and psionics.
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Illadelph: a game distilled from 90s hip hop, set in a parallel Philadelphia laced with powers, mutants, strange creatures, and mythical beings. Short and sweet: designed to introduce newjacks to the hobby.
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Corpse Thieves: a wuxia / kung fu / mystery arc set in mythology-heavy Qing era China. Unwind a bizarre series of graverobbings, scrap with supernatural wigsplitters, bust open esoteric conspiracies.
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Laced: an ultralight system for single-session games. Ideal for introing new people to the hobby, filling the odd session,
or testing the chemistry of a new group before you commit to anything longform . . .

Malice at the Palace: a kung fu & wuxia game battling through a palace complex to close a dimensional gateway.

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Printable microzine:
Universal Zine / Key Narrator Zine

Hounds of Order: a game retaking a stronghold seized by separatist sohei warrior monks. Espionage, infiltration, violence, death metal.

Universal Side / Key Narrator Side

War Under Crossbay: a bloodbath in the utility tunnels, massive surge tanks, and catacombs beneath the city. Summer 2024 (early release currently on Patreon).
Tomb of the Hemlock Eaters: play 17th century Ethiopian alchemists recovering an artifact too dangerous for human hands. Summer 2024.

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