Why a Box of Our Books Will Make Your Shop Money

Nobody beats our price point. Young people, students, low-income workers – they wanna walk out with a new game as much as anybody but don’t have $30+ to spend. Enter Bull Press: $12 per game, contains everything needed to play.

Win-win: those who would normally buy nothing now have a game in their price range, and those with larger budgets won’t think twice about adding a $12 game to their day’s haul.

Rich with content: each book has a no-prep starter arc (3+ sessions), powers, items and assets, a side character generator, mini-modules, character sheets, etc. No airy little zines that put the creative workload on the buyer.

We use Ingram Content Group for distro (global), but if you’re not ready to commit to a box, email us at whatup@bullpress.org and we can work out a sampler.