Stirring Giant Soundtrack

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Arc Intro: Bones – HDMI Instrumental

Main Character Creation: Craig Mack – Flava in Ya Ear Instrumental

Intros: Alchemist – Terry Instrumental

Sutterlock Bridge: Q No Rap Name – Sutterlock Bridge

Tooling Up: Volume Ten – Pistolgrip Pump Instrumental

Lobster Mercier’s Mansion: Madvillain – Sickfit

Greencap Fight: Harm’s Way – Human Carrying Capacity

Bump Fight I: Incendiary – The Power Process

Municipal Hall: Blackalicious – Swan Lake Instrumental

Bump Fight II: Xibalba – Cold

Yacht: Jedi Mind Tricks – Three Immortals Instrumental

Sundaland Common / Jewels of Ebb & Flow: 猫シ Corp – Palm Mall

Vésins Tower: Benny the Butcher – Griselda Strong

Spider’s Web Fight: Animals As Leaders – Thoroughly at Home

Heron Tower Luxury Apartments: SpaceGhostPurrp – Petro Instrumental

Bagging Hatchet Lecuyer / Fog Hill Intro: Mobb Deep – Give Up the Goods Instrumental

Le Cygne Chess Club: Louise Trotter – Malagueña y Bésame Mucho

Moving on Lecuyer: Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers – A Night in Tunisia

Kagemusha Megatower: DITC – Dignified Soldiers Instrumental

Inside the Penthouse: Giacomo Puccini – Nessun Dorma (performed by Mario Lanza)

Law Firm: Conway – Rex Ryan Instrumental

Plotting on the Oxhead Warehouse: DJ Krush – 3rd Eye

Meeting Belly: Corrupted – La Victima es tu Mismo

The Tombs: Xavier Wulf – Thunder Mane Instrumental

Storming the Pillbox: Vermin Womb – Decline LP

Cathedral of the Seraphim: Zdravko Mihaylov – We Sing for You, Lord

VIII Limbs Fight Gym: Black Thought – Making a Murderer Instrumental

Grindcore House: Fiend – Derailed EP

The Merzbowl: Trapped Under Ice – Reality Unfolds

The Battle for the Oxhead Warehouse: Animals as Leaders – CAFO

After the Operation: Quasimoto – Boom Music Instrumental

The Trial of Lobster Mercier: Pete Rock – Mind Frame Instrumental

Coda: Denzel Curry – Zone 3 [start with volume low]

If the Entire Crew Gets Merked: Muggs – Queen’s Gambit Instrumental

On Last Week’s Episode: NAH – Be Cool Fucker

Closing Ceremonies: MF DOOM – Arrow Root